–Internet of Things–

Airtight Security for Smart Appliances

Client: Appliance Manufacturer
Industry: Commercial
Deliverables: IoT assessment

The Challenge

Home appliances have come a long way since introduced alongside electrification in the early 20th century. Considered labor saving devices, they evolved to include electronic timers and programmable features. Now entering the Internet of Things, smart appliances are functioning faster and cheaper by connecting to clouds, communications systems and smart energy grids. However, fridges, stoves and televisions could fall victim to hackers who sneak around for security weaknesses, lack of encryption and easily guessed passwords. A study by HP estimates that 90% of smart appliances collect at least one piece of personal information about the user via social media, the cloud, and mobile applications. An international brand of commercial and residential kitchen appliances needed to take every precaution to make sure its products and services are never breached, so it called on Lochbridge to help build a fail-proof security strategy.

The Solution

Working hard to launch its next generation of smart appliances, the brand couldn’t allow security breaches to violate its position as a premium provider of commercial and residential appliances. It called on Lochbridge to take a holistic approach for ironclad security within the Internet of Things. Lochbridge leveraged its deep experience built through successful IoT implementations in the verticals of automotive, energy and healthcare. With an understanding of the potential exposure points within an IoT platform, Lochbridge’s security services team was uniquely positioned to evaluate the environment and provided recommendations to securely close gaps. Lochbridge’s assessment has provided the peace of mind needed ahead of a major launch of a new smart appliance portfolio. Lochbridge’s knowledge of analyzing big data from connected objects will also help the smart appliance brand as it continues to roll out its next generation of products.

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