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IoT Data Analytics

Imagine an avalanche of data coming to an organization with extreme velocity through the Internet of Things. Billions of sensors, objects and devices producing trillions of data points offer an opportunity to see an enterprise in a new light.  The real challenge is transforming this stream of information into a “sixth sense” for an enterprise, enabling it to gain intelligence and capture untapped opportunities ahead of competitors.

The full value of IoT won’t be realized until businesses are able to uncover useable information and insights that will help them perform better or grow faster. It’s done through a robust IoT analytics strategy. Collecting, managing, slicing and analyzing data on this scale opens a whole host of opportunities. Today’s reactive companies can become predictive, armed with premonitions derived from insights extracted from our connected world.

By 2020, more than 50 billion connected devices and sensors will be generating the data. IoT is expected to be worth $19 trillion in new business and new efficiencies. Of, that $7.3 trillion is expected to be derived from analytics. So, how can you carve out your share?

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