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As challenges increase, health payers need to innovate.  They possess vast quantities of data and now there are tools to assist in harnessing and interpreting this data.  The move to advanced analytics tools is critical to obtain efficiencies in benefit design, care management and provider payment in addition to cost-effectiveness.

The Challenge

  • The expansion of accountable care organizations require innovation including establishing incentives for healthy patient behavior.
  • Better personalized communication with members and providers.
  • Integrating multiple data sources.
  • Accurate ad hoc analyses and one-off reports in a timely manner.
  • Obtaining the skills to implement and maintain such as Data Scientists.

The Solution

  • Lochbridge experienced Business Intelligence/Big Data teams working with some of the most powerful data collection and analytics tools in the world.  We take a holistic approach of building enterprise grade big data solutions in an evolutionary phased manner.
  • Our Business Intelligence/Big Data toolkit that includes the ability to plan, build, assist and analyze.
  • Finding the way for you to capture, sort and understand the data you collect, no matter how much is coming at you.
  • Focusing on predictable fixed-cost pricing which stabilized initial costs.

The Benefits

  • Operational effectiveness, gain customer insights and even reduce fraud and risk.
  • The option of the Lochbridge Hadoop asset of a Stack in the Cloud in which we can quickly leverage to accelerate your development.
  • Data managed effectively – which can then become a trusted source of facts to help you compete.
  • The ability to make better decisions based on access to relevant, actionable intelligence.


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