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IoT CRM & Supply Chain Solutions

Delivering Dollars from Devices and Data

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the power to disrupt markets and open opportunities for both established and emerging players. Businesses are reinventing themselves by discovering new sources of revenue through IoT models and connected technologies.

With real-time connections in place, companies can augment their core businesses through an IoT strategy. Service providers are evolving, leveraging connectivity and the power of predictive analytics to redefine their role. Leading global manufacturers are transforming into connected service providers, offering more value to their customer base while driving new sources of revenue. Enterprises across industries creating roadmaps that are aligned to their objectives, and open opportunities to monetize IoT.

Leveraging the power of an IoT platform, companies can tap into real-time data to tailor experiences and serve personalized offers based on customer behavior. By combining device data with other sources – such as CRM, supply chain and retail – companies can create a “sixth sense” to instantly react to opportunities and deficiencies. Monetize IoT by understanding how to leverage insights more effectively and quickly. Through new analytic insights delivered to customers and employees, companies will be able to deliver personalized and prescriptive experiences and services.

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