Connected Car – TU Automotive Detroit 2015

At the recent TU Automotive Detroit show, Lochbridge assembled a panel of experts to discuss how comfortable drivers are with exchanging personal data, with whom they are willing to do so, and for what benefits. Panelists discussed insights from a recent Lochbridge study which tapped the attitudes and perceptions of 1,000 U.S. drivers. Insights from the research focus on consumer trust levels when sharing both vehicle and personal information with car-based applications. The discussion explored why consumers feel more comfortable sharing information with their smartphones despite the benefits attached to sharing this information with automotive platforms. Panelists offer a 360 degree view of the data exchange – representing OEMs, dealerships and developers – and expand on privacy concerns, data ownership and how each party can use data to unlock the true potential of vehicle connectivity.

  • Connected Car – TU Automotive Detroit 2015

  • How the Industry Can Instill Trust

  • Data Ownership Examples Already Exist

  • Are Security Concerns Stifling the Data Exchange?

  • The Most Valuable Data Streams to Monetize