–Digital Solutions–

Connecting Caregivers & Families Through Mobile Technology

Client: Hospice of Michigan
Industry: Healthcare
Deliverables: multi-platform mobile app

The Challenge

The end-of-life process is a complex, emotional time for patients and their families – and its challenges are magnified when family members live far from one another. Hospice of Michigan (HOM), one of America’s leading hospice organizations, wanted to expand its outreach to the families of patients by providing additional support as they navigated the stressful and often unfamiliar end-of-life process. In particular, HOM wanted to bridge the gap between caregivers and distant family members. HOM believed that by making it easier for family and friends to remain informed and involved, it could improve the hospice experience. At the same time, HOM hoped to expand awareness of hospice’s singular, vital purpose while building support both for the organization and the broader
hospice movement.

The Solution

HOM called on Lochbridge to develop HOM Cares®, a multi-platform mobile application that gives an extended network of client-approved family members and friends real-time updates of caregiver visits. The first app of its kind, HOM Cares® provides the time and date of visits, and it also identifies the HOM staff member providing the service, as well as general information on the type of care provided. The app builds stronger relationships between loved ones and caregiving staff by providing personalized photos and biographies of the members of each patient’s caregiving team. HOM Cares® also delivers a clinical guide, general hospice information, and HOM background information to raise awareness of its important mission and activities. Users can also easily refer potential clients, make donations, and volunteer to work with the organization through the application.

  • Increased Donations and Volunteers
  • Stronger Connection between Caregivers and Families
  • Award-winning Application