–Internet of Things–

IoT Device Connectivity

By 2020 experts estimate that the Internet of Things (IoT) will enable device to device communication for 50 billion objects. Imagine the potential of all those connections for smart phones, smart vehicles, smart appliances, smart power grids and smart medical devices. With our connected future approaching fast, a majority of organizations remain disconnected from the opportunities that IoT offers. Today’s “reactive enterprises” only take action when a device breaks down or needs attention, causing disruption in work, lost revenues and a drain on customer satisfaction.

Turn your company into a proactive enterprise by predicting the path your business will take and opening up new competitive avenues. The first foray into IoT is typically establishing a connection with your product. Once connected you can collect device data, such as its health and location. Through remote monitoring and management, you can communicate with and control the device, giving you the freedom to manage, service and optimize any device from anywhere at any time.

Connecting over 50 million devices to date, Lochbridge has supported over one billion calls to and from smart products. We have enabled our clients to become smarter enterprises by turning data into new services and new modes of business. We can help you tap the potential of IoT by defining a roadmap for your things, creating and integrating an IoT infrastructure and transforming data into intelligence that elevates your business.

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