Data Analytics

Achieving Results-Driven Government Amid Rising Pressures.

Changing demographics. Rising environmental concerns. The expanding impact of technology. These are some of the key drivers pushing governments to maximize compliance and to manage resources effectively while, at the same time, maintaining transparency and accountability. The primary tool available to achieve this is data — provided it’s properly analyzed and put to work. That’s where Lochbridge can help. Our data analytics team can help you leverage fact-based decisions to create smarter processes and help you spend public funds even more responsibly, all while making certain that your data is securely protected.

Working with Lochbridge, we can help you apply advanced analytics to improve decision-making. The workflow would include most or all of these steps:

  1. Descriptive analytics – what is happening, what is the problem?
  2. Predictive analytics – what could happen, what will happen next if?
  3. Prescriptive analytics – how can we achieve the best solutions?
  4. Content analytics – what insight and relationships can we extract?
  5. Social media and web analytics – what insights can help us improve our marketing interactions?

Data analytics, for example, can enable the executive branch to see how every single tax dollar is spent, and how every program is performing versus expectation. With the right partner to mine, analyze, and interpret the data you will have the resources you need to create results-driven government. Read more about our approach to government data analytics.

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