–Internet of Things–

IoT Transformation for Appliances

Client: Appliance Manufacturer
Industry: Commercial
Deliverables: IoT strategy

The Challenge

A global appliance manufacturer with a portfolio of world renowned brands had led the industry with its introduction of a line of new, connected “smart appliances.” As the company moved quickly to compete, it wondered if it had the right ingredients in place to ensure sustained success. While the smart appliances helped the brand reimagine the product experience and open up access to new insights, the company wondered if it had the right foundation in place to fully realize its business vision. They wanted to keep up with the proliferation of smart devices used by consumers to manage their lives, and build a better model to analyze and act on incoming appliance data. Seeking to harvest innovative ideas from across functional teams, the company also wanted to test the feasibility of newly defined concepts through an accelerated ideation and development exercise.

The Solution

Lochbridge was tapped to help the company rethink their strategic approach to enabling their IoT transformation. With 15 years of IoT experience, Lochbridge already had proven experience in connecting, servicing and securing everything from automobiles to energy grids to machinery.  Using a holistic approach, Lochbridge implemented an IoT strategy workshop based on the principles of Design Thinking, a human-centric method to align technology with business objectives. Through collaborative sessions across functions – product development, engineering, marketing and IT – Lochbridge helped identify and validate a set of innovative concepts that would enable the appliance leader to maintain its competitive edge. Evaluating the existing technology infrastructure, Lochbridge also provided executive-level guidance on systemic issues that were potential roadblocks to their vision. Through the exercise, Lochbridge identified existing silos and the need to design a flexible enterprise-wide system that could serve as the foundation for the brand’s connected future. Following these recommendations, the brand would not only ensure an exceptional end-user experience but also create a stream of real-time IoT data that could truly be embedded across the enterprise.