Operational Assessment
Disruptive innovation doesn’t have to lead to business disruption. Some organizations avoid DevOps due to the misunderstanding that their business would need a complete makeover, which is not the case. Lochbridge’s Assessment solutions take a deeper dive into existing IT operational policies, processes and procedures as well as current infrastructure capabilities, building a stronger foundation between how development and operations deploy and support applications in the enterprise. We offer:
  • Infrastructure and Operational audits
  • Enablement Strategy Reviews and Roadmap Development
  • Toolset Analysis
Information Assurance and Security
Keeping up with the speed of business doesn’t mean you must compromise security. Our extensive experience and wide range of proprietary tools, coupled with DevOps proven best practices are why established enterprises depend on Lochbridge to ensure integration of existing policies around security and governance on their DevOps journey. Our Information Assurance and Security solutions will help identify and bridge any gaps ensuring your business’ security measures are doing their job, by supplying:
  • Compliance policies and procedures assessments
  • Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Tests
  • Secure code scanning and development practices
Continuous Delivery
In today’s fast-paced digital world, a greater need exists for businesses to roll out new applications or changes to existing applications with high quality, in a consistent manner, with little or no failure. Enter the Continuous Delivery Model, where the software release process becomes automated, malfunctions are found and tackled quicker, developer productivity increases, and updates are delivered faster and more regularly without disrupting customer experience. Lochbridge’s solutions offers a phased approach that includes:
  • Continuous Development, Integration and Deployment
  • Selection and Setup of required Continuous Delivery Tools
  • Implementation of automated build, deployment and testing processes
Data Center Managed Services
Application deployments have become very complex. With multiple architectural frameworks, multiple technology tiers and multiple teams within an organization involved, orchestrating a complete and comprehensive implementation takes commitment away from organizational goals and objectives. Lochbridge’s Data Center Managed Services solutions can mitigate that time lost and provide the level of service required to ensure deployment reliability and consistency, by offering:
  • Application delivery architecture planning, implementation and management
  • Environment planning and implementation (virtual, physical or cloud-based)
  • Firewall and universal threat management
  • Server and storage management for all tiers servicing applications in the infrastructure
  • Comprehensive database management, including data modeling, performance triage/diagnosis, and implementation/troubleshooting
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