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Banana Quality Control Mobile App

Client: Dole
Industry: Commercial 
Deliverables: Mobile application

The Challenge

Dole seeks every opportunity it can find to deliver better product. The Dole brand is synonymous with quality. Dole’s Fresh Fruit division wanted to transform its existing quality control process, replacing a system based on manual, paper-based reporting and email exchanges with a streamlined process that leveraged the power and efficiency of mobile technology.

The Solution

Lochbridge combined mobile and cloud technologies to help Dole Fresh Fruit launch a new quality reporting system. Using an iPhone-based application, quality control personnel now capture product images and standardized quality data from warehouse and shipyard locations. This information is instantly transmitted directly to a secure, private cloud where it is accessed for further analysis. Using the same app, Dole Fresh Fruit was also able to replace printed field quality manuals with dynamically updated documents that could be accessed remotely by field personnel.

The Results

  • 93% Reduction in Report-to-Response Time
  • Shortening of Inspection Times
  • Increased Accuracy of Reported Data


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