–Data Analytics–

Enabling Global Insurance Claim Processing with Secure Test Data

Client: Health Insurance Company
Industry: Finance & Insurance
Deliverables: Customized solution for test data

– The Challenge –

Securing Insurance Claim Data

A major health insurer wanted to perform claims processing off-shore, which required secure testing. They also wanted to have more innovative technology for their customers, which also required secure testing. However, there are strict federal regulations that prevent companies from using actual customer information in a test environment. If the data is disguised in such a way that it results in zero exposure, then and only then would testing be allowed to proceed. The company needed a partner that would provide them with this kind of data protection. Experience with another company proved unsuccessful in that regard, so they wasted no time in contacting our Data Privacy team after learning that we are a leader in the important field of test data privatization.

The Solution

Lochbridge has a core competency in data privatization that is (not to toot our own horn) superior to any other in the marketplace. Our process disguises the information while still keeping it whole so that it works consistently across all applications; Lochbridge does not break the data up into pieces, a process that renders it less reliable. In addition, our chosen application interfaces connect directly with your back-end systems, eliminating possible vulnerabilities and expensive work-arounds. In the case of this company – as with many other companies – their systems were made up of a collection of older and outdated systems. Lochbridge worked within the parameters of those existing technologies to create a secure environment to test and innovate. We not only managed to do what the previous company was unable to, but we spared them the expense of having to update their systems. As a measure of this success, our solution was presented by the CIO to affiliated companies across the country and praised as an example of the right way to do things.

  • Protecting customer information while enabling off-shore claims processing
  • Fostering innovation to improve access while meeting federal regulations
  • Zero exposure for customer information while working within current technology


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