Technology Rationalization
Providing a structured approach, Lochbridge can address both the CIO and IT Director’s specific objectives. Our rationalization approach is based on the application size, age, agility, importance, quality of code, operational cost and business value. Our extensive process of assessing the existing application portfolios allows us to make calculated recommendations for the most efficient transformation roadmap that is best suited to a client’s business goals, by applying:
  • Technology Assessment
  • Application portfolio inventory
  • Application portfolio analysis
  • Recommendations for applications transformation domain such as Retain, Retire, Innovate and Renovate
  • Transformation roadmap
Legacy Modernization & Transformation
Modernization leads to renovation of the existing applications with the latest technology or rebuilding new applications with innovative solutions. Lochbridge works to provide clients a better understanding of their overall performance for each application portfolio to improve critical legacy issues. We have delivered successful results to clients, reducing certain costs and risks with services that include:
  • Innovative technical approach – keep what works, improve what remains
  • Licensing and support cost optimization
  • Remediate to enhance applications’ functionality
  • Retiring obsolete applications
  • Migration to the latest technology (SaaS, Cloud, etc.)
  • Re-platform to newer, less expensive, more efficient technology platforms
Cloud Computing
The Cloud is no longer just about technology improvements; it has become a strategic business imperative. Adopt the Cloud the right way with Lochbridge’s Cloud Transformation solutions and drive not only cost savings, scalability and functionality but also business growth and revenues, by providing:
  • Cloud Transformation strategy and roadmap
  • Cloud portability, automation and containerization strategy
  • Infrastructure architecture and design
  • Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • Migration of existing application and services to Cloud hosting
  • Transformation of applications into Software as a Service (SaaS) models
Dependability in the face of our changing technology landscape is vital and the ability to provide consistent information across all digital channels is the key. APIs seek to focus on business revenues by providing access to organizational resources for external, often customer-facing digital interactions. Having hands-on experience with leading API management platforms, Lochbridge can help enterprises maintain flexibility, speed up their time to market and increase ROI, by providing:
  • API Strategy and Roadmap
  • API Definitions aligned with business goals
  • Selection and Setup of API Gateway Technology platforms
  • API Implementation and ongoing management
Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Our modern-day mobile world is demanding the need for exposing previously siloed databases and applications, so that data and functionality can be accessed across organizational boundaries or reused in new systems. Lochbridge’s SOA solutions help connect the enterprise by providing essential links between apps, business processes and data. Providing our clients the agility required for today’s digital business needs as well as the ability to reduce IT costs. We offer:
  • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Strategy and Roadmap
  • Services Definitions, Mapping of business needs, processes and data
  • Selection and Setup of SOA Technology platforms
  • Services Implementation and ongoing management
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