Free Webinar: How We Customized Infor Cloverleaf Global Monitor

Free Webinar: Cloverleaf Global Monitor Customization Use Case

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There’s no quick cure to pull off the shelf. Even the best IT software needs some customization to reach the ultimate level of efficiency.

Cloverleaf provides a powerful platform for integration and exchanging data, but there’s potential to unlock more. This complimentary webinar will detail how a leading Southeastern Michigan Multi-Hospital Provider, and a nationally recognized leader in healthcare innovation, enhanced Global Monitor. Our featured speakers will explain how technologists customized the Cloverleaf environment by designing an alert screen with one click integration into the hospital’s help desk. Lochbridge also delivered prioritized actionable alerts with dramatic improvements.

With nearly two decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, Lochbridge provides expertise for strategic IT planning, technology project management, digital web development, telehealth and interoperability, which enable advances in electronic medical records and consolidation.

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Duration: 20 minutes

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