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Optimzied Patient Portal

Client: Healthcare Provider
Industry: Healthcare
Deliverables: Custom data collection tool 

The Challenge

As Health Care Reform was implemented, thousands of new members began buying plans individually through the insurance Marketplace instead of through an employer. A major health care provider needed to make it easy for members to input and edit their personal information on their own if they had a change of address, marital status or added children to their plan.

The Solution

The Lochbridge team found the way to create easier access via the portal so members can find and edit their own information quickly and without difficulty. Now, demographic information is coming to the company directly from the source. But the team didn’t stop there. The data collected through the member portal can also be batched and compared to current records, providing the health care provider with the most accurate information possible on any member, at any time. Because of this new capability, the company is maintaining vital customer relationships and customer service representatives are saving countless hours of searching for the right information.

  • Health Care Reform compliant
  • Enhanced customer data
  • Maintaining vital customer relationships