Jane Brumer-Cullen

VP, Human Resources

Contact For:

Human resources inquiries, including training and development.

Jane Brumer-Cullen is the Vice President, Human Resources for Lochbridge. Jane is responsible for all Human Resource practices, policies and operations, including immigration. Another key component to Jane’s role is talent acquisition, leading an enthusiastic team charged with discovering and onboarding the talent essential to drive the future of Lochbridge. She also leads the company’s training and development efforts, ensuring that each and every employee has a personalized path for career enrichment and advancement.

Jane has worked in Human Resources leadership positions since 1988, when she first joined the Dayton-Hudson Corporation. In 1998, she came to Lochbridge, formerly known as Compuware, as an Employee Relations Specialist. In 2000, Jane became the Manager of Employee Relations and in 2002, Jane took the helm as Human Resources Director. In this capacity, she has helped find, cultivate and retain the talent that has contributed to Lochbridge’s success over the last two decades. In addition, she was instrumental in Lochbridge’s transition as a stand-alone entity, ensuring a solid HR foundation for the company’s people and policies.

Jane holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Michigan State University, where she majored in Labor and Industrial Relations/Human Resources Management.