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LAYR Connected Car Interface

A contextual connected vehicle concept

Introducing the data-fueled vehicle. The next stage in automotive evolution arrives in the form of Lochbridge LAYR, a conceptual connected vehicle framework. More than navigation, more than infotainment: LAYR proactively guides the driver by combining information from apps, the environment and your personal driving behavior into a single intuitive interface. Traffic, weather, navigation, entertainment options, service and amenity locations, even social media information are presented in a personalized, contextually-aware environment that evolves in response to driver choices and behaviors. LAYR proactively delivers what drivers want to see and need to know, and at precisely the right moment – and with a minimum of direct interaction with the system.

LAYR is the safer, smarter and more effective alternative to the current generation of app-centric, menu-driven connected vehicle systems. LAYR breaks down barriers between siloed apps and services, recombining information for a rich, rewarding, and completely personalized driver experience.

Inside LAYR. The LAYR API accesses information from any number of services, proactively providing the information drivers want and need into a location-aware map-based interface. Through user preferences and by analyzing driver behavior, LAYR’s Learning Engine progressively refines the information it presents to deliver a fully personalized user experience.


  • ENVIRONMENTALLY AWARE. Aware of your location and your route, LAYR adjusts the nature of alerts and information offered.
  • SELECTIVE PRIORITZATION.. LAYR prioritizes relevant, high-value information, such as navigation or safety data, ahead of other messaging.
  • TASK AWARE. LAYR adapts and presents information based upon driver preferences, patterns and vehicle state (i.e., in motion or at rest).


  • PREDICTIVE FILTERING. Alerts, notations and promotions are presented or omitted based on previous choices.
  • BEHAVIOR RESPONSIVENESS. Routes taken, stops made, and messages responded to influence filtering processes to ensure that the most relevant and desirable information is presented.
  • TEMPORAL AWARENESS. Information offerings are influenced by time of day/day of week in relation to habitual driver behaviors.


  • CUSTOMIZABLE INTERFACE. The in-vehicle experience can be readily adapted to incorporate OEM branding and user preferences.
  • PRIVACY CONSCIOUS. Permission-based information sharing and state of the art security measures ensure the safety of user data.
  • SAFETY FOCUSED. LAYR removes app siloes and minimizes menu diving, combining information within one common intuitive interface.
One Interface. Limitless Possibilities.
The flexible and adaptable LAYR system is conceived to integrate data from a virtually endless range of sources. Familiar in-vehicle presences such as GPS and satellite radio combine with major media outlets, OEM data, social media, and other sources for situationally-appropriate presentation through a single interface.App-Free Data Access.
Today’s systems force drivers to access information through independent apps, increasing distraction and complexity. The LAYR API delivers the same high-value content through a single, powerful location-aware interface.Complete Connection. No Distraction.
Multiple user dashboards, an intuitive map-based interface and the elimination of regressive menu systems and adaptive dynamic presentation requiring minimal driver interaction provide maximum value while minimizing distraction.Complex Information Made Simple.
Aggregated data drawn from multiple sources is combined to ease specific tasks, such as navigating a complex route while searching for a service station and monitoring weather and traffic conditions.

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