Independent Testing & Quality Assurance
Lochbridge has built various ‘Testing Centers of Excellence’ and excels in taking ownership of validation for clients that need an independent view of quality for the systems built. Our customized testing solutions not only focus on traditional validation, but also provide Quality Assurance services with testing strategies and process assessments, achieved by:
  • Improving testing processes
  • Inspecting performing vendors test-related deliverables/results
  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Participating in project governance
  • Preserving test assets
  • Providing visibility into quality
Connected Vehicle Testing
From the very beginning, Lochbridge has been a pioneer in the Connected Car space. Our competence brings a depth of knowledge that is needed in testing today's complex Connected Car applications. We not only test the peripheral applications involved in this space but also the internal applications that run as part of an elaborate back office environment and the internal module of the vehicle. Lochbridge’s specialized consulting services in this niche area include:
  • Application functionality
  • Integration services with backend systems and cloud networks
  • Devices integration and compatibility
  • Device-to-Vehicle communication
  • Vehicle safety
  • Simulated testing, In-Car testing and Endurance testing
  • Performance, Security and Vulnerability
Test Automation
The complexity, project size, and speed to market required to address today’s competitive business needs are increasing rapidly. Our automation solutions are built to address those needs and increase ROI to enable cost savings on IT and business initiatives for our clients. Lochbridge has delivered successful test automation solutions for numerous complex enterprise and infrastructure applications, by implementing: 
  • Increased frequency of release cycles
  • Efficient Traceability
  • Testing Center of Excellence (COE)
  • End-to-end framework compatible with multiple technologies, tools and platforms
  • Creative and Specialized Test Automation Solutions
  • Experience with multiple leading commercial and open source tools
  • Global Delivery Models
Business Validation of Technology Solutions
The typical application ecosystem is built on numerous technologies with integration by multiple vendors. However, it is missing a single voice for ‘business readiness’ to clear project gates and production launches, which poses a great risk to business. Lochbridge’s unique solution offering assists businesses with validating mission critical technology solutions, by:
  • Coordinating with global vendors and strategizing end-to-end testing processes
  • Ensuring comprehensive test coverage through ‘day-in-the-life’ user scenarios
  • Providing visibility into real-time test progress and defect metrics
  • Reducing business dependency on IT for delivering quality
  • Overcoming limited business staff and limited technical knowledge
  • Freeing up business resources to focus on true business objectives
Mobility Testing
We live in a mobile world and customers expect all applications on their mobile devices to perform without losing functionality and experience. However, mobile application testing is complex, time consuming and expensive due to the combination of device models, operating system versions, and network combinations. Lochbridge’s expertise in mobility testing will help enterprises achieve the goals of launching defect free mobile applications with rich user experience, by utilizing:
  • Functional testing – Native apps, Mobile apps and Hybrid apps
  • Usability testing
  • Device Farms for device and operating system combinations
  • Network, Load and Security testing
  • Automation and Regression testing
Performance Engineering
The ability for a system to provide the acceptable customer experience in terms of response time and reliability under varying conditions is as important as the system’s ability to function to specification. Lochbridge believes performance testing is beyond using load testing tools for benchmarking response time. It is about engineering the solution for performance – keeping the business and customer behavior in mind at every stage of development. Our performance testing services include:
  • Analytics based Capacity Planning
  • FMEA Design, Audit and Execution
  • Peak, Stress and Breakpoint testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Failover, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery testing
  • Performance bottleneck identification and tuning
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