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Single Patient Portal for Healthcare Customer Experience

Client: Healthcare Provider
Industry: Healthcare
Deliverables: Custom single source interface

The Challenge

A major health care provider had several systems that tracked member data but didn’t “speak” to each other as efficiently as needed. It was often difficult for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) to quickly and easily access member information while on calls with them. When a CSR looked up information about the member, they found multiple entries in multiple systems due to name or address changes, for example, with no good way of knowing which information was correct or most current. This created a frustrating time lag and, often, an irritated member on the phone. Online users also had difficulty logging in, and since they were required to work through multiple systems and screens, they risked having their data omitted due to overlaps or confusion.

The Solution

The Lochbridge team found the way to solve the problem with a tool created to provide a “golden record” for every member. The solution gives the company’s CSRs a single portal to pull up and review customer information. It allows them to search for members just by using their social security number and to view their golden record to ensure they have the most recent contact and demographic information. CSRs can view active and inactive member contracts, or relationships of family members who have been on a contract. By creating a single source to better interface with members and obtain data more efficiently, Lochbridge considerably reduced both the time and complexity of each interaction. Best of all, the changeover to the solution was so seamless, the only way it could be detected by members was in noticing how much customer service had improved.

  • Single source interface
  • Better customer experience
  • More accurate member data