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Taking on Legacy – Support, Maintenance and Retirement

The Challenge

The challenges facing healthcare payers are daunting – premiums under pressure, the population is aging and the associates costs increasing.  Many newly insured have serious untreated health issues and are covered under the Affordable Care Act.  The move to Advanced analytics tools is critical to obtain efficiencies in addition to cost-effectiveness

  • The ability to focus and more rapidly transition to new development systems and Big Data Migration with the comfort of knowing the current mainframe legacy systems are well maintained.
  • Maintaining legacy systems takes time and money
  • While these applications still drive the business, in addition to being costly to maintain, they lack agility and often add unwanted complexity to the IT portfolio

The Solution

  • Lochbridge partnership to take ownership of complex legacy systems
  • Developing a plan that includes the maintenance of legacy mainframe systems as well as accelerating the retirement of these systems
  • Utilizing advanced proprietary tools that help improve your awareness of application functions, rules, interfaces and data flows
  • Focusing on predictable fixed-cost pricing which stabilized initial costs
  • Identifying the code and functions you need and eliminate those you don’t

The Benefits

  • Reduced risk – your outsourcing advantage includes fewer people, less coding and lower costs
  • In many cases reducing staffing requirements by nearly 20% and the associated cost savings
  • Our people-driven approach to help organizations extend the value of their budget, while reducing your dependence on retiring personnel
  • Reducing risk while meeting your modernization or retirement goals
  • By eliminating the codes and functions not needed – a savings (up to 40% in some cases) of enhancement, maintenance and testing costs

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