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Health Care Provider Legacy Application Migration

Client: Healthcare Provider
Industry: Healthcare
Deliverables: Retire legacy systems 

The Challenge

Many companies have large, complicated mainframe systems that have been in place for decades. The challenge is that maintaining these systems takes time and money. A major health care provider wanted support for their legacy services as they work to update and transition their systems. With all the focus on the old systems it made it challenging to focus on the new multimillion-dollar system that they were working to implement. The company wanted a partner to take ownership of the area and help maintain costs.

The Solution

Lochbridge deployed a team to develop a plan that included accelerating the retirement of legacy systems, the transition process and a monthly scorecard. The team reduced staffing requirements by nearly 20% while initiating retirement-readiness activities. The team also got the migration process under way, working with seven business units to transition them to the new system. As a result, the health care provider has progressed from 0% to 90% retirement readiness in two years.

  • Reduce risk and manage costs
  • Retirement readiness
  • Ramp up modernization

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