–Digital Solutions–

Merging Three Distinct Health Systems’ Digital Assets

Client: Hospital System
Industry: Healthcare
Deliverables: Analysis of current process /technology and road map for merging three systems

The Challenge

Creating a Single Unified Digital Presence

The merging of three separate and distinct technologies went much deeper than creating a modern unified website. The challenge meant empowering the newly formed Health System’s Marketing Department to be nimble in regards to future needs, including the need for new branding. This became a critical mission focused on the global satisfaction of all users: patients, physicians, internal departments, administration, and it was essential in the effort to attract new patients.

The Solution

Empowering the Health System with a Digital Enablement Team

The Lochbridge Digital Enablement team performed an inventory of the people, processes and existing technologies at all three systems, documenting the various technology platforms. This provided a complete picture of where they were historically. From there, we inventoried the components and people that could serve the future needs of the combined system. Once this crucial work was completed, the team thoroughly analyzed the information and presented a selection of focused paths forward that would enable the three systems to become one integrated system with a consistent voice to the public. The leadership team selected the path that worked best for them and our team then provided an integrated road map on how to achieve their objectives – a map that not only meets immediate needs, but also lays the groundwork for adaptation as technology evolves.

  • Three Health Systems with antiquated online and digital assets of their own needed a path forward together
  • We conducted a complete assessment of all three Health Systems’ technology, processes and people
  • We mapped the current technology, identified what could come next, and built the road map to get there on time