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Retiring Healthcare Legacy Application to Reduce Costs

The Challenge

A major health care provider needed to modernize its claims system, migrating claims processing from a nearly four-decades-old regional mainframe environment to a central national system through a multiyear process. To realize the new system’s ROI and efficiency gains, they needed to decommission nearly one hundred mainframe applications and migrate their functions without compromising operations, security, or efficiency. The legacy applications’ complex structure and lack of documentation, along with attrition and the retirement of key resources, had made the process slow and difficult.

The Solution

Lochbridge Legacy Retirement specialists teamed with the company’s staff to conduct a thorough analysis of the four most significant applications in the their legacy environment using an existing DevEnterprise installation. The team quickly assembled a comprehensive overview of the applications’ activity and interactions, enabling members to sort elements to be decommissioned, retained, or redeveloped. Within six months, the team was able to begin the project’s design/reengineering phase, laying the groundwork for the development and implementation steps needed to decommission the legacy systems. Lochbridge led the effort, managing third-party vendors and the company’s staff as well as its own team members, successfully keeping the project under budget.

  • Slashes mainframe usage processing, storage, and maintenance costs
  • Reduces staffing requirements
  • Improves performance