A critical part of our connected future is to find a way to seamlessly work with IoT Big Data and the IoT Cloud Platform to achieve: Real Insights Real Pattern Recognition A Sixth Sense These strategic partnerships are imperative for organizations to leverage the right IoT opportunities specific to their business objectives. Hear more from our CEO,… Read More

The move was bold – not just launch the pilot of self-driving vehicles in the streets of Pittsburgh, but give an opportunity for the public to get closer to the technology. Uber’s fleet of choice for the pilot was modified Volvo XC90 SUVs that were instrumented with hundreds of sensors where the Uber drivers would… Read More

The “Internet of things” or more popularly known as “IoT” could further be expanded to say “Inter-network of Things.” When talking about IoT, we are talking about connecting millions & trillions of devices. The nature of these devices vary a lot in terms of physical, logical & functional characteristics. A common question asked surrounding these devices… Read More

The tremendous value in connecting devices and harvesting data comes with a big responsibility of making the right choices to achieve the engineering excellence. The main challenge here is not the lack of choices, but that there are way too many choices to make, be it the protocol selection, power consideration, data sampling, wireless technology… Read More

The connected car ecosystem consists of a plethora of players both small and large.  Lots of innovation and transformation is happening in this space, which can cause some confusion.  Where would an OEM want to focus their time and investments?  What decides what matters most for an OEM to align with its vision to give… Read More

With the advent of advanced wireless technologies, cars are increasingly becoming hyper-connected and they are no less than high-performance computers on wheels. Incredible focus is put on the center stack display, providing the HMI on one hand and acting as a conduit between OEM cloud and hundreds of sensors deeply integrated into the product. Some… Read More

Imagine you are transported in a time-machine, to a far-away island where every single person speaks a completely different language than the other. Forget about Google Translate, not even internet existed during that time.  You slowly start to realize the hard truth of being unable to communicate with any person to meet your daily needs.… Read More

The next big automotive revolution is here: Connected & Autonomous Automotive connectivity has been around for a couple of decades now, but it has only picked up momentum in the past five years, largely due to customer demand. The opportunity is huge, the space is crowded and the business models are varied. Introducing Lochbridge’s Connected… Read More

Last week something amazing happened in the automobile industry. People lined up to pre-order the new Tesla Model 3, the first mass market electric vehicle from Elon Musk’s revolutionary car company. Tesla has no dealerships, so they weren’t lining up for a test drive. If you pre-ordered today, you would not get a car until… Read More

In today’s Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data is the result of connected devices driving information to the clouds. Data is generated from a variety of sources, such as vehicle performance, web history and medical records. It all brings an opportunity to gain insight on trends. Data scientists break big data into four dimensions: volume,… Read More

In the previous post, I noted the Internet of Things (IoT) technology wave is upon us. It will be truly disruptive, and it will fundamentally change your business.  Aside from noting these technologies, I am also talking about a process and mindset that works best to navigate through this new technology wave. The process is… Read More