Education (K-12)

Does Your Current Technology Help You or Hurt You?

If you’re in charge of a school system, what keeps you awake at night? Improving student success rates? How about the list of reports you have to distribute in order to pass audits: student counts, student assessments, HR audits, compliance reports, etc.? Lochbridge has implemented technology solutions to help deal with all of these issues.

Lochbridge consultants understand the rules and regulations when it comes to children and technology, such as FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act). Because of our deep K-12 business experience and insight, we can help your school system in several areas, including:

  • IT training and staffing
  • Design, installation and management of a data center
  • Systems integration
  • Legacy modernization
  • Custom application development
  • COTS integration
  • Web portals
  • Business process re-engineering
  • Online testing capabilities

We have implemented transformational technology solutions not only at the classroom level, but also ones that bridge the digital divide, enabling 21st century learning by providing all students access to electronic platforms of learning.

Lochbridge has been working with Detroit Public Schools (DPS), one of the nation’s largest, most complex systems, for the past 15 years. By systematically analyzing the system’s needs and matching them with our expertise, we have gained keen insights into public education that, when applied to your system, can help any school superintendent get a good night’s sleep. Read more about our approach to education technology consulting here!

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