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Internet of Things Services

Lochbridge offers Internet of Things services  to help our clients unlock new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era that is upon us, connected businesses are innovating faster than ever. Leveraging IoT connections and intelligence gives us an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt markets, create new revenue streams, and deliver better experiences. Opportunities exist across all sectors – transportation, manufacturing, energy, government, healthcare, education, and financial services – to capture untapped opportunities and realize new efficiencies through a world that is becoming more connected each day.

For each of our clients, we have helped them unlock the opportunities associated with IoT through a combination of strategic guidance, delivery support and analytical insight.

Lochbridge provides IoT consulting and implementation support across six main areas:

  • Connectivity of Things – Creating connections to manage and optimize your things to enable greater efficiencies
  • Services for Things – Turning today’s reactive organizations into proactive practices that are able to predict needs
  • Strategy of Things – Building an IoT approach that is aligned to your things and integrates your objectives
  • Security of Things – Ensuring IoT platforms remain uncompromised with both data security with physical access
  • Commerce of Things – Enabling organizations to create new modes of business using IoT experiences and data
  • Analysis of Things – Creating a “sixth sense” by leveraging real-time IoT data and extending it across the enterprise

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